Campfood Cookout 2002

We had a potluck/backyard cookout and a "stove race".
The race was a timed boil of 1 cup of water. Stellar was the judge, using boiling criteria from "The Joy of Cooking". Prizes were awarded to the first and last place entries.
Though this report sounds dull and serious, let me assure that the event was quite a hoot!

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Rich and his "easy bake oven"?

The baker at work

Rich's AMAZING pineapple upside down cake which he made in his Outback Oven.

Alma's tasty potato creation

Beans and rice on the whisperlite

Stellar pronounces Ellen's stove is OUT!

Ellen cookin up some rice and beans with chipolte cheddar.

Jackie's jet fuel special

Patrick Maun (left) wins the "traveled farthest award" by dropping in from Amsterdam.

The starting line...

Contest results: boiling time for 1 cup of water

Teresa and Stellar at the banquet table