Flatland and Pie Islands May 2002

Photos courtesy Rich Cook, Sarah Ohmann, and Teresa Medo

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Crossing the Border


Stinging Nettles:
more vitamin C than spinach.
PS Steaming removes the sting.
So no worries for tongue and tummy.

Hey Ellen, whats with the butt gasket?

tai chi tent construction

horse shoe contest

first prize is a chocolate covered pretzel

David and the modern version of horseshoes:
hard rubber wheel pitching

Sarah, Ellen and Kevin depart


returnees and the big dock



Teresa on Pie Island

Pie Island derelict lighthouse
far right in trees


Lighthouse entrance

Pie's inland lake

lunch and GPS lesson

Little Debbie Contest Photo
OOPS, contest ended last week

The Sleeping Giant in the background

Sarah tries to capture the Sleeping Giant

Watching a dry suit immersion test

The Flatland Throne

The guys and the shed

Ellen and Kevin paddle by "le pate" - west side of Pie Island

Rich learns about clapotis along the mainland cliffs

boats on the beach at Flatland

lightkeeper Ellen

view from the lighthouse