Ladies of the Lake 2002

Our first "women's only" event. We enjoyed great weather and a side trip to Raspberry Island Light. Our next camp neighbors turned out to be Dennis and his brother Kevin: a SKOAC mini-reunion!

On Saturday night we had an "All York Island Convention and New Member Recruitment Drive." We met Rick and Joel, from Indiana and Illinois respectively. We had a good time inspecting boots and boats.

Photos by Sarah Ohmann and Teresa Medo

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another fabulous chapeau

Adrienne goes and flies a kite at Little Sand Bay

a whale of a tail?

Ellen and Sarah give everyone a free tow...

Ellen demonstrates towing;
Chris demonstrates the "Queen Elizabeth wave"

Teresa at the York Island sandspit

Ladies who lunch
Stellar, Adrienne, and Lynn at Raspberry Island Light

Lynn enjoys the evening calm at the York Island campsite

York Island shore

more shore

Ladies who launch
Lynn and Adrienne surf before breakfast

Evening handwriting workshop:
ok, WHO was in charge of the A?
About photo: sparklers and a long exposure
NOT photoshop :-)

The All York Island Convention:
(L-R) kneeling: Stellar, Joel (the boat builder), Chris, Kevin, Dennis
standing: Sarah, Adrienne, Ellen, Rick

The Ladies:
(Bottom-Top, L-R)
row 1: Lynn, Sarah
row 2: Teresa, Ellen, Chris
row 3: Adrienne, Stellar