Winter Camping 2002

Photos and text by Sarah Ohmann

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No, this is not an alien spaceship landing. It's Brock Hunter's disco tipi! This is one of the ultralight spaceage Kifaru tipis with woodstove. The lightshow package is a non-standard option. We only wish you could see the Korean snow tiger rug on the inside...

Here, we are, enjoying the ambience of Brock's tipi. Brock was spinning a variety of tunes this evening, including Morcheeba, John Coltrane, and Django Reinhardt. This is "alternative" winter camping for the new millenium.

Here's the gang from our 2001 trip to Boot Lake. You can see a variety of winter clothing systems, each very stylish in its own way. We are also modeling one of our favorite winter foods, the gummi worm, which remains chewable down to 5 degrees F.

Ellen Nacik, Al Kasinskas, and Bill Newman on Snowbank Lake. Al is hauling our titanium woodstove. Those plastic sleds from target sure are popular...

Sunset on Boot Lake

Here is Rick chiseling a hole in Basswood Lake. Having a ready source of liquid water saves us the tedious process of melting snow.

Q: How do you catch a polar bear?

A: Chip a hole in the ice and sprinkle frozen peas around the hole. When the bear bends over to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole.

Caelli Wright in front of the snow walker tent, nicknamed the "circus tent" for its appearance (or maybe for the clowns inside it). It is 13 feet in diameter, sleeps 5 and is heated by a woodstove which kept us toasty even though it got down to -25 degrees F.