1st Annual Fall Ball (9/8/00-9/10/00)
by Ellen "Tug" Nacik

Fall Ball Photos by Peter Veng-Pedersen

Rumor has it that a good time was had by all (if not, most) at the TCSKA First Annual Fall Ball. All puns are intentional, if not painful. Several folks headed out to Sand Island on Friday afternoon/evening in clear calm conditions and were treated to a night time show of shooting stars. The rest of the group arrived Saturday morning after waiting out some early thunderstorms. That morning, our resident "Voyager," Al Kasinskas, hoisted a Union Jack outside his tent; folks must have thought the British were coming. Group one went by land and group two by sea (kayak) to Sand Island Lighthouse. There, everyone was treated to a ranger presentation on lighthouse history, while swatting the last of the summer flies. Ten year old Caeli Wright earned the nickname "bear-bait" as she led the land crew back through the thick forest of Sand Island to camp.

TCSKA has two olympic hopefuls in the "dash-splash and scream" as Stellar Sager and David Fox survived numerous dips into balmy 61 degree Lake Superior. Another potential swimmer, Mr. Inskeep, did not "Wade" in, but Ann Casey did.

Potluck Saturday night was a wonderful eclectic mix of food. "Wild" Lynn's rice cous-cous paired with Vonnie's itty-bitty-teeny-weenie "crab" apples made everyone happy. The wind picked up a bit in the evening and a huge branch snapped close to Jackie Slivko and Peter Veng-Pedersen's tents, ending all curiosity as to why Peter sported a helmet on this trip. Speaking of close calls, Sunday morning, Bill Newman (ever the early riser) shocked the camp by surviving two unexplained tent collapses, but persevered by leaving at noon for the 9 AM crossing.

There were a number of new boats on the scene, some on their inaugural voyage, including Mark and Jean Lusche's spanking new "party barge" Libra (packed for a week long Apostle Island sojourn), Alma Wright's bright red, "unscratched-keep-your-hands-off-that-means-you-husband-Rick" Romany, and maybe it was just our "Perception" that Brenda Leavelle "Shadow"ed Brock Hunter's "seat-sliding" Mariner II. Possibly the most exciting addition to the fleet was the inclusion of the honorary TCSKA
"sag-wagon-wood-hauling-recycling-trash-bin-Romany-in-tow" motorboat captained by Dave Brewster! Others on the trip sported new equipment including Teresa Medo, who confessed to swiping her wetsuit directly from Cat Woman.

All in all, no one was mortally wounded, therefore Chris "if-it's-naught-Scottzz-atz-crrrrap" Wein and Ellen "pair-up-on-the-crossing-people!!" Nacik have declared the trip a success. Hopefully next year, more than just poor Sarah-strep-throat-Ohmann's equipment will make it to the Fall Ball!



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