Apostle Islands Information

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Shipwrecks/Abandoned Vessels
Day Trips under 10 Miles

map of Apostles area

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Headquarters

(aka Bayfield Visitor Center)

Route 1, Box 4

Bayfield, WI 54841

(715) 779-3397

Visitor Information Recorded Message (715) 779-3398


Located in the old Bayfield County Courthouse on Washington Avenue between Fourth and Fifth Streets, Bayfield.

Little Sand Bay Visitor Center

(715) 779-7007

Located on Little Sand Bay Road, 13 miles north of Bayfield, WI.

Meyers Beach

stairs to beach, picnic area, vault toilet, trailhead

Located on Meyers Road, off Highway 13 about 5 miles east of Cornucopia


Emergency/Search Agency Contacts

Marine radio: channel 16

Phone (daytime): (715) 779-3397 (NPS Apostle Islands HQ)

Phone (after 6 PM): (715) 373-6120 (Bayfield County Sheriff)



Marine radio: WX-1 or WX-2


Bayfield, WI (via Intellicast)

Lake Superior Near Shore Marine Forecast (US)

Lake Superior Open Water Forecast (US)

Great Lakes Marine: West Lake Superior (Canada)


Maps and Charts

Topo map:

National Geographic: Trails Illustrated

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore



Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Map (PDF) 121 kb

NOAA charts:

14973 Apostle Islands

14966 Western Lake Superior

14960 Lake Superior

Mini-Chart of the Apostle Islands

(not for navigational purposes)

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apostles chart thumbnail

Distance chart (courtesy NPS)

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Apostle Islands National Lakeshore (islands)

Township of Russell (Little Sand Bay) (mainland)

Red Cliff (mainland)

All information valid as of 03/2002

Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Individual campsites are available on Basswood (6), Cat (1), Devils (1), Ironwood (1), Manitou (1), Michigan (1), Oak (5), Otter (1), Outer (1), Rocky (7), Sand (3), South Twin (4), Stockton (21), and York (3) Islands.

Group campsites are available on Basswood (1), Oak (2), Sand (2), and Stockton (3) Islands.

Permits can be obtained in advance, allowing campers to reserve the lake shore’s individual and group campsites. Permits should be obtained prior to departure for the islands. Camping permits are nontransferable. Campsites will be assigned when a reservation is made. Information is here:


Township of Russell campground (Little Sand Bay)

Many sites, toilets, 2 showers (bring quarters!)

(715) 779-3247


Red Cliff Marina and Campground

40 sites, some facilities, reservations

(715) 779-3743

Camping: available

Launch: $5/kayak

Parking: charge per day per vehicle


Daytrips under 10 miles

  • Basswood Island (island and sea stack)

    Route: Bayfield to Basswood, head west around island

  • Meyers Beach (sea caves)

    Route: head east along mainland

  • Shipwrecks: Fedora, Ottawa & Coffinberry

    Route: Depart Red Cliff, head west along mainland

  • York Island (sand spit)

    Route: Depart Little Sand Bay, head east along mainland, cross to sand spit


Shipwrecks/Abandoned Vessels

  • H.D. Coffinberry (steamer)

    Location: northern edge of Red Cliff Bay, parallel to the Ottawa

    Depth: 5-12 feet, portions extend above surface

    Note: can be seen from kayak, visibility permitting

  • Faithful (tug)

    Location: Southwestern shore of Outer Island

    Depth: scuttled on the island

    Note: the hull is nearly covered with sand

  • Fedora (steamer)

    Location: Buffalo Bay, just out of Bayfield

    Depth: less than 10 feet, portions extend above the surface

    Note: can be seen from kayak, visibility permitting

    GPS: N 46 deg 51.588′, W 90 deg 46.709′

  • Noquebay (schooner-barge)

    Location: Stockton Island, Julian Bay

    Depth: 8-12 feet

    Note: can be seen from kayak, visibility permitting

    Sometimes there is a bouy on this wreck…

    GPS: N 46 deg 55.568 min, W 90 deg 32.717 min

  • Ottawa (tug)

    Location: northern edge of Red Cliff Bay, parallel to the Coffinberry

    Depth: 12-16 feet

    Note: can be seen from kayak, visibility permitting

    GPS: N 46 deg 52.978 min, W 90 deg 45.814 min

  • Pretoria (schooner-barge)

    Location: 1 mile northeast of Outer Island

    Depth: 55 feet

    Note: scuba dive to see this one, unless you are a freediver!

    GPS: N 47 deg 05.36 min, W 90 deg 23.66 min

  • Sevona (steamer)

    Location: Sand Island shoals (north of the island)

    Depth: 18-20

    Note: you need to snorkel, freedive or scuba dive to see this one

    GPS: N 47 deg 00.410 min, W 90 deg 54.520 min