Sea Kayaking – All Day Class – Sunday June 6th

Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes and Rescues Class Sunday June 6th 9:00 am – 4:00 pm – Class is FULL!
This class is appropriate for paddlers with little or no experience as well as paddlers looking to refine their skills. You will need to provide your own sea kayak. We do not have any to borrow. (see photos of previous classes here)


Boats and Gear
Launching and Landing, including strategies
Boat Entry and Wet Exits
Rescues Solo and Assisted
Strokes, including forward, reverse, stop, sweeps (forward and reverse), draws.
Discussion Topics including: wind and weather; signaling devices; charts and navigation; and more
You will learn a lot including developing your comfort level, confidence and abilities in all aspects of kayaking.

Who will benefit from this instruction?class2

New paddlers with no previous sea kayaking experience.
Paddlers who have been at it a while and are now looking to build a foundation of sea kayaking skills through formal instruction.
Paddlers with prior instruction looking for a refresher with great instruction.
What: SKOAC Coastal Kayak Basic Strokes and Rescue

When: Sunday June 6th, 2021 Please be at the lake with boats unloaded by 9:00 a.m. Arriving at 8:30 will provide you enough time to unload boats and gear and take care of pre class paperwork.

Where: Shady Oak Lake, Minnetonka, MN This is approximately 1.4 mi north of Crosstown (62) on Shady Oak Road (west side of SOR and inside of 494)

Cost: $125

We ask that prepayment be completed no later than 5/25/21 so that we can ensure an appropriate number of instructors for the class.

Required Equipment –class3

Boat: a Sea Kayak or equivalent boat with two bulkheads. Recreational Boats without bulkheads are NOT appropriate for this instruction. Your boat must also be fitted with perimeter deck lines and bungies across the deck. Generally speaking sea kayaks will be 16 feet or longer. Shorter boats in the 14 to 16 foot range can also be used provided they have the bulkhead and deck features noted. If you do not own an appropriate boat you should arrange for a rental boat. Rentals are available at various locations including Midwest Mountaineering (612 339 3433). Many students have taken the class with rental boats.

Required Boat Related Gear: Paddle, PFD (life jacket),Sprayskirt, Bilge Pump and Paddle Float

Clothing: We will be wet a lot. Most participants will be comfortable with some sort of immersion protection. This is typically a farmer john or jane style wetsuit. A paddle jacket or rain jacket can be helpful if it is windy, rainy, or especially chilly. Some participants are fine with lighter weight neoprene while others need more protection. Bring extras if you are uncertain.  NO COTTON!  Dry Clothing and towel for the lunch break and end of day, a fleece or jacket or other dry clothing can enhance your comfort.

Incidentals: Sun hat, sunscreen, sunglasses,eye glass retainer strap, NOSE PLUGS (especially if you have sensitive sinuses), appropriate footwear such as neoprene booties or water shoes or sandals.

Food and Beverages: Please bring some food and beverages for the lunch break. A nutrition bar or snack and water bottle in your boat is also recommended.

Itinerary for the Day We will begin at 9 am sharp. Please have your boats unloaded and be ready to go at that time. We will begin the day with a discussion of boats and paddling gear. This will be followed by wet exits one on one with an instructor. Next we will present and practice solo and assisted rescues with multiple variations. During the lunch break we will cover a number of topics including wind and weather, charts and navigation, signaling and safety equipment and personal responsibility. The entire afternoon session will be on the water and will focus on an array of propulsion and maneuvering strokes. Time permitting we may introduce bracing strokes or perhaps finish the day with a brief tour.

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Class is full!